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Why Weight Loss Training

Weight loss is a goal for many individuals and it's easy to get caught up in fad diets and weird exercises that don't work. Our weight loss programs aim to not only help you acheive your goals but to educate on a healthy way to get there.

The Benefits of Weight Loss Training

Create Healthy Habits
Weight loss programs incorporate long-term habits to ensure a healthier life.
Better Quality of Life
With the ability to reduce body weight through fat loss, we help reduce pressure on your joints and improve mobility in order to make everyday activities much easier
Decrease Risk of Certain Conditions
Weight Loss programs have been linked to a lower risk of diabetes, heart disease and some forms of cancer.
Confidence boost
Feel more confident in the new you knowing you are working hard to achieve your goals and creating e healthy habits.

How We Build Your Program

During the consultation, we'll go through your history with exercise, your diet, any injuries, your goals and if you have any specific timelines.

For face-to-face clients we'll go through standard range of motion for your joints and assess anything that needs to be addressed . For Online clients, the assessment will come after a questionnaire is filled out with all the relevant details.

Once we have gone through the consultation and assessed you, we can then move on to building a custom program designed just for you.

At the conclusion of the consultation and assessment process, we will then move on to creating a plan of attack, from building a custom program designed just for you, to planning any monthly catch-ups and or face to face sessions based on your needs and requirements.

Mike has over 10 years experience specialising in muscle building, strength, boxing and fat-loss programs.

Once we begin building your custom program we keep in mind all the things discussed in the consultation ie. exercise history, nutrition habits, pre-existing injuries, range of motion and your goals to determine the best exercises and plan for you.

Once the plan is built it doesn't just stop there. We continuously work with you to make it more suitable according to your likes/dislikes and your capabilities. This way we can ensure that not only do you have an effective program, but also one you will enjoy making your fitness goals more achievable and sustainable.

Over time and as you start to get closer to your goals, you may need to change a program to increase it's effectiveness from increasing the intensity of the exercises, changing the amount of repetitions per set and hitting the muscles differently to break through any plateau and continue with progressively overloading them.

This is also how we keep the program feeling fresh and exciting.
Again, we work with you to make sure any updates we make, work for you and you continuously feel challenged.

Face-to-face vs Online

Face-to-face sessions are a great way to leverage our experienced trainers. Whether you’re a beginner looking to start your fitness journey or an experienced individuals looking to change up your training or break through a plateau face-to-face sessions are perfect for you. When training in a face-to-face session our trainers will advise on correct form, and make sure you get the absolute most out of each exercise by pushing you past your comfort zone. We aim to make sure you feel satisfied after every session not just physically but mentally too.

Online coaching is great for a variety of individuals of all skill levels. Whether you’re a pro and looking to have a professional program built and managed for you as you’re already comfortable in the gym with most exercises, or a beginner still building their confidence working out at home or at the park. With an online program you have the freedom to train whenever you have time and are not limited to the time schedule of a trainer, so it’s perfect for busy individuals or those who don’t live close enough to take advantage of face-to-face sessions.

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