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Why Viper Fitness Was Created

I wanted to help people create a better life for themselves and provide an opportunity I wish I had had throughout my personal fitness journey, so I quit my job, and Viper Fitness was born.

We believe everyone deserves the right to be the best version of themselves. Through healthy eating and a well-balanced fitness/training regime, we all have the opportunity to live longer, healthier and happier which is why I created Viper Fitness.

Our Goal

Our primary goal is to provide the necessary guidance and assistance to both men and women of all ages and experience levels, in building a solid foundation of knowledge, strength and confidence. Using effective training and programming methods wrapped in three core fundamental principles, we provide you with the necessary tools to help you reach your health and fitness goals, whatever they may be.

Our 3 Principles


We make sure to teach you the correct technique not only for your safety at home or in the gym, but to ensure you'll be getting the most benefit’s out of any exercise you're doing.

Time Under Tension (TUT)

Time under tension (TUT) relates to the duration of time your muscle is under stress during a single repetition of any given exercise. Slowing down your movement particularly during the eccentric phase (lengthening of the muscle) has been shown to have much better effects on muscle growth, strength and not only has a higher metabolic effect, it also reduces the risk of injury.

Progressive Overload

Whilst TUT is also a way to Progressively overload the muscles, there are other ways to do so safely. In fact, it is the accumulation of a few things and ensures your muscles are getting the correct load baring they need in order to grow and keep getting stronger avoiding those dreaded plateau’s.

Love Us & Leave Us

Our philosophy when it comes to training our clients is to instill education and confidence so that once you know the foundations of your program you can feel confident to go it solo. Of course, we're always happy to continue face-to-face sessions if you feel you need them.

We Focus on You

With our focus being on you, we put a great amount of effort in making sure not only that you experience results, but you also gain the knowledge to understand the changes that are happening within your body. We believe knowledge can lead to not only better results but in most cases safer results. We want you to feel satisfied with us regardless of whether you use our online or face-to-face services and that's at the core of everything we do, from the first consult where we discuss your goals and habits to the last sessions where you feel confident enough to continue your fitness journey alone.

Our Process

During the consultation, we'll go through your history with exercise, your diet, any injuries, your goals and if you have any specific timelines.

For face-to-face clients we'll go through standard range of motion for your joints and assess anything that needs to be addressed . For Online clients, the assessment will come after a questionnaire is filled out with all the relevant details.

Once we have gone through the consultation and assessed you, we can then move on to building a custom program designed just for you.

At the conclusion of the consultation and assessment process, we will then move on to creating a plan of attack, from building a custom program designed just for you, to planning any monthly catch-ups and or face to face sessions based on your needs and requirements.

Mike has over 10 years experience specialising in muscle building, strength, boxing and fat-loss programs.

Once we begin building your custom program we keep in mind all the things discussed in the consultation ie. exercise history, nutrition habits, pre-existing injuries, range of motion and your goals to determine the best exercises and plan for you.

Once the plan is built it doesn't just stop there. We continuously work with you to make it more suitable according to your likes/dislikes and your capabilities. This way we can ensure that not only do you have an effective program, but also one you will enjoy making your fitness goals more achievable and sustainable.

Over time and as you start to get closer to your goals, you may need to change a program to increase it's effectiveness from increasing the intensity of the exercises, changing the amount of repetitions per set and hitting the muscles differently to break through any plateau and continue with progressively overloading them.

This is also how we keep the program feeling fresh and exciting.
Again, we work with you to make sure any updates we make, work for you and you continuously feel challenged.

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