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Viper Membership

Here's A Quick Look On The Inside…

Sample Training Programs for all experience levels. 

You will recieve random sample program's ranging from strength, cardiovascular, Agility and HIIT to give you the edge whatever your goals may be. You can either perform these programs yourself or give you enough knowledge and insight to build your own awesome workouts and start smashing your goals fast.

Specialised Nutrition and lifestyle Coaching

Not sure how to make the most of your training in the kitchen? Or maybe your not sure how to perform a squat properly? What ever the case i have got you covered with ongoing health coaching tips and pointers via video, pop up alerts, emails and more to give you the knowledge to take charge of your fitness goals.

Random Challenges

How hard can you go? Let's put it to the test with random challenges. You could be challenged at any time whether it's your fastest time over a 100 meter sprint, distance covered in 60 seconds on the rower or maybe even the longest time you can hold a plank, whatever the challenge i am going to test you to test yourself if you shall choose to accept!!!

Everything You Need At Your Fingertips

Full mobile access via the Viper Fitness mobile app where you can do everything on the run including all of your training and instructional video's, logging and tracking your result's, receiving and viewing your coaching videos and material, logging your food diary and maintaining your progress photo library. Everything is at your fingertips so you can do everything anywhere, anytime.